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Let’s have fun with English.

Robert : Englishi teacher / USA

Hello, my name is Robert.
I come from the countryside of New York but my family is from the city so I enjoy travel.
I was a teacher back in NY and have continued teaching since I came to Japan.
I believe in full immersion and active learning which I plan to incorporate in my teaching here as well.
Let’s make learning fun.

Laurence : English teacher / USA

Hi Everyone, 
My name is Laurence.
I’m from New Jersey, which is on the East coast of the United States, next New York. I’ve been living and working in Japan as an English academic teacher for over 2 years.
I have a background in computer science and mathematics and can also speak conversational Japanese. I’m looking forward to getting to know your children and helping them learn and improve in any way I can.

Yuka(Manager/Bilingual Teacher)

Hello, my name is Yuka.
I have been working in early-years education in Japanese day cares and kindergartens for over 10 years, and was able to use this experience to help support the children as they grow up. Let’s enjoy school life together!

Minori(Senior Manager/Bilingual Teacher)

Hello! My name is Minori.
I have been working in early-childhood education both in Japanese daycare and International preschool for over 10 years. I would like to encourage your child in building their self-confidence which will help them to develop and care for others as well.
I would like to give your child an individual approach and guide them as they grow.
I love having fun with children and am looking forward to seeing you soon !

Chihiro(Bilingual Teacher)

Hello, my name is Chihiro.
I have experience working in kindergartens and nurseries in the U.S. as well as babysitteing.
I wish to use these experiences to help care for the children.
I’m very excited to help the children learn both English and Japanese. I also can’t wait to play with the children outside because I really like sports. I hope they enjoy their time at our school!

Natsumi(Bilingual Teacher)

Hello! My name is Natsumi. Nice to meet you.
I will work hard every day to create an environment where each child can develop safely and fulfil their potential! Let’s enjoy!

Mary : English assistant teacher (Philippines)

Hi! My name is Mary Jean B. Okamura.
I’m proud to be part of FUTURE Jidoen. I came from Philippines.
I studied Montessori way of Teaching and I’m great fun of literature and history.
I believe  that right discipline is one key for better learning.
I love kids and I’m looking forward to meet you.
Let’s have fun learning English!!

Fumie (Bilingual Teacher)

Hello, my name is Fumie.
I have worked both for nursery and international schools.
I would like to take advantage of all the things I have learned and acquired.
I always keep in mind to give concideration to children’s feelings and to take care of them with full of affection.
Let us have wonderful days together.








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