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Let’s have fun with English.

Sean : English teacher/UK

Hello! My name is Sean.
I’m from UK, but I was born in Singapore and went to university in Australia.
I studied international politics and Japanese in university, and used to volunteer at a preschool in Singapore.
I look forward to teaching your children, and I’m sure they have a great time with me.

Justin : English teacher / Australia

Hello, I’m Justin from Australia.
I previously stayed in Japan for 4 years on a Cultural Arts Visa, fulfilling a long time dream of training Kyokushin at the home of Karate here in Japan.
During that time I gained experience teaching English to students of all ages but it was teaching younger children that I really enjoyed, so now returning to Japan these years later with my wife and son, I am excited to be teaching here at Future Jidoen and look forward to having a great time.

Yuka(Manager/Bilingual Teacher)

Hello, my name is Yuka.
I have been working in early-years education in Japanese day cares and kindergartens for over 10 years, and was able to use this experience to help support the children as they grow up. Let’s enjoy school life together!

Fumie(Bilingual Teacher)

Hello, my name is Fumie.
I have worked both for nursery and international schools.
I would like to take advantage of all the things I have learned and acquired.
I always keep in mind to give concideration to children’s feelings and to take care of them with full of affection.
Let us have wonderful days together.

Midori (Bilingual Teacher)

Hello, my name is Midori.
I have experience working in a childcare center in Japan and volunteering at a daycare in Vancouver.
I’m happy to learn and spend with children at FUTURE.
I would like to spend more time with children and assist them to grow up.
Let’s make days a very special one together!!

Ai (Bilingual Teacher)

Hello! My name is Ai.
After teaching at a Japanese kindergarten and preschool, I studied abroad for two years, and upon returning to Japan have been teaching at an international preschool for the past five years.
I would like to share many different experiences, both joyous and difficult, with the children, while providing quality childcare and education.
I look forward to making use of my teaching experience to create an environment filled with smiles and laughter together with the children!

Sonoko : Bilingual Teacher

Hello! I’m Sonoko. I worked at elementary and junior high school as an English teacher before.
When I was in a college, it’s for a short period but I volunteered teaching Japanese culture to elementary school students in US. In addition, I had so many experiences related to educations. I always try to make my students enjoy and learn a lot in my lesson. Live each day to the fullest, I’ll support the growth of children.Thank you.

Yuko : (Bilingual Teacher)

Hello, I’m Yuko from Kyoto.
I was working at a club for afterschool activities for children, a day-care and an international preschool.
I think that I take advantage of the experience of being a mother of two kids and playing sports for a long time.
I want to support and believe in the unlimited possibilities of children.

Sanae(Bilingual assistant teacher)

Hello, I’m Sanae.
I was working at a kindergarten, a day care center and an inter-preschool.
When I was college student, I did an internship at an Australian nursery school.
I’m good at finding the strong point of the children individually, and increasing those strengths through play and learning.
I will support children with all of my strength to the best of my ability.
So that they can face the world with a smiling face and have confidence in the future!




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